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Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference

Finland is hosting this year’s Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference. The present government in Finland has a strong intention to develop the country towards a low-carbon bioeconomy. Finland’s long-term objective is to become a carbon-neutral society.

The conference is organised by Bioenergia and Svebio, the bioenergy associations in Finland and Sweden.

Within the next 10 years, Finland wants be a pioneer in bioeconomy, circular economy and cleantech. In the energy system wood fuels are already the largest energy source, and it is planned that their use will increase by 35% by 2030. Many new biofuel and energy plants are planned.

Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference is the meeting point for all interested stakeholders engaged in the energy transition in the region:

* Replacing fossil fuels in a sustainable way * Mobilising local biomass, waste and peat resources * Creating jobs, business opportunities and energy security * Improving national, regional and local economy

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