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Collaboration with the ART Fuels Forum

The Biofuture Platform interim facilitator has recently established collaboration with the ART Fuels Forum, a project financed by the European Commission aiming at bringing together selected representatives of the European Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuels (ART Fuels) production industry, the transport consumption industry, the main international cooperation actors and the EU policy makers and stakeholders towards facilitating discussion and elaboration of common issues on policy and market penetration barriers for the ART Fuels. The agreed collaboration will see the ART Fuels Forum network mobilizing experts and stakeholders to participate in Biofuture Plaftorm conferences and policy debates in appropriate topics, as well as cross-communication and awareness-raising actions between both initiatives.

The established Forum consists of a group of selected experts coming from:

• sectors of Aviation, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Maritime and Passenger Cars,

• production industries specialized on: Thermochemical, Biochemical, HVO and Lipid-based, Biomethane, Power to X, Algae to biofuels technologies, as well as Future Concepts focusing on syngas fermentation, etc. and

• main international cooperation actors namely USA, Canada and India.

The Forum integrates a series of organized and structured discussions, plenary meetings, preparation of position papers, etc. towards shaping strategies and policies for market deployment of ART Fuels. At present, the Art Fuels Forum elaborates a set of policy recommendations in the context of consultations on the recast EU Directive for Renewables (RED II), which, among others, will express the European policy on the use of biofuels in the decade 2020-2030.

More information for the ART Fuels Forum can be found at http://www.artfuelsforum.eu/

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