• Mon, May 24
    Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
    Biofuture Summit II
    Join and help bring together the policies, innovation and science to enable the sustainable low carbon bioeconomy our future requires.
  • Mon, Nov 30
    Online in the Whova conference platform
    Online Segment: Biofuture Summit II /BBEST2020-21
    From November 30th to December 2nd, 2020, the Conference will have three days of virtual activities, with three webinars featuring more than 10 top experts, and a poster presentation session addressing the most recent global challenges and achievements in Bioenergy and Bioeconomy.
  • Thu, Oct 15
    Webinar: Biofuture Principles for Post-Covid Recovery and Acceleration
    The Biofuture Principles for post-COVID bioeconomy recovery and acceleration were launched by the twenty Biofuture Platform member countries to guide recovery policies with the sustainable bioeconomy as a source of green jobs. Tune in to learn about those principles and how they are being applied!
  • Wed, Sep 16
    The Biofuture Platform Initiative Launch: Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable Low-Carbon Bioeconomy
    Presented by some of the industry's major players, this event will mark the official launching of the Biofuture Platform’s Initiative within the framework of the Clean Energy Ministerial.
  • Thu, May 23
    Governing sustainability in biomass supply chains for the bioeconomy
    To explore ways to establish sustainable supply chains for bioeconomic goods, this workshop will present an overview of relevant existing sustainability governance; what may be needed; and how can policy, market and civil society actors across sectors support a sustainable bioeconomy.
  • Mon, Dec 10
    plac Sławika i Antalla 1
    Scaling up the sustainable bioeconomy: A new chapter for the Biofuture Platform - UNFCCC High Level Side Event during C
  • Wed, Nov 07
    Hotel Nikko San Francisco
    Global Cooperation Forum: towards a common preflight checklist for the Biofuture Takeoff
  • Tue, Apr 10
    Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace
    Conference: The role of low carbon fuels in decarbonising transport: the emerging consensus from international initiativ
    Join the conversation in Brussels on decarbonising the transport sector!
  • Tue, Mar 13
    São Paulo
    World Economic Forum on Latin America
    The World Economic Forum on Latin America will gather over 750 global and regional leaders from government, business and civil society at a decisive time for Latin America, as an intense electoral cycle over the next two years promises far-reaching political and socio-economic impacts.
  • Thu, Nov 16
    Biofuture @COP23 High Level Event
    The high-level event of the Biofuture Platform is sponsored by the Brazilian government and the Center for Strategic Studies (CGEE) on the occasion of the UNFCCC COP-23 high-level segment.
  • Tue, Oct 24
    São Paulo
    I Biofuture Summit
    The first Biofuture Platform Policy Conference addressed the need for scaling up the use of sustainable bioenergy in order to maintain the internationally agreed global temperature levels.
  • Thu, Jun 08
    Side-event on Scaling up the advanced low carbon bioeconomy at the CEM8-MI2
    The side event aims to showcase to government officials, investors, industry representatives and academia the need to accelerate investments and increase international collaboration in the low carbon bioeconomy to respond to the needs of the fight against climate change.
  • Thu, Jan 19
    Abu Dhabi
    1st Biofuture Platform All-Member Meeting
    The present meeting´s main objective was to decide on the specific activities that the Biofuture countries and non-government participants will be working on, in line with the mandate given by its launch statement.
  • Fri, Dec 02
    Canning House
    Conference on Advanced Biofuels and Bioeconomy
    The presentation from this Conference on Advanced Biofuels and Bioeconomy sought to foster a wide, frank dialogue among relevant stakeholders in Brazil, the UK and other like-minded countries on the potential for advanced biofuels and the bioeconomy.

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